Project Description

Lake Minnewanka Boat Tours

Experience the Canadian Rockies from a new perspective while cruising beautiful Lake Minnewanka on this panoramic one-hour interpretive tour. Bask in the breathtaking mountain scenery and emerald green waters as you survey the landscape for wildlife.

Beginning from the western end of the largest lake in Banff National Park, the Banff Lake Cruise sets sail under towering peaks, where you’ll take in the amazing and ever-changing views of the rocky shoreline.

As you head deeper into the mountains, your tour guide will share stories of native folklore and the submerged village of Minnewanka Landing. Keeping your eyes on the forested shore, you might spot bighorn sheep, bald eagles and even the occasional bear.

Near the turning point of your journey, the mountains give way to a majestic view of the Prairies through Devil’s Gap, where you’ll spend a few moments snapping photos and taking in the awe-inspiring sights before journeying back to the dock. This boat tour provides a unique opportunity to witness some of the most interesting and spectacular scenery found anywhere in the Canadian Rockies.

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