Project Description

Snowmobiling is not permitted within the national parks, but there are opportunities in nearby Golden just 1 hours west of Lake Louise. We recommend Golden Snowmobile Rentals and Tours. Their website is:

WestBench Trail Tour

The WestBench Trail Tour is a scenic ride following the upper bench of the famous Columbia Valley. With amazing viewpoints of the Dogtooth Mountain Range and the Rocky Mountains, this regularly groomed trail gives beginner snowmobilers and families the opportunity for a beautiful mountain experience without the dangers of high mountain travel.

Full Day Mountain Tour

For those looking for a full day of adventure, this is the trip for you! Experienced guides will lead you through our extensive terrain to explore and play so you’ll be loaded up with unforgettable stories before days end.

Platinum Tour

This tour brings snowmobile guiding to a new level. It is an insight into the decision-making processes of our guides, and offers an educational experience to those looking for not only snow safety, but backcountry skill development on and off the sled.

Opportunities for snowmobile instruction and riding clinics, along with location awareness, avalanche rescue training scenarios, and alternative rescue techniques are what separate this tour from your standard scenic riding adventure.