So Much More Than A Float Trip: In fact, there are six excellent rapids ranging from Class II to Class III on this bouncy and splashy 11⁄2 hour river journey. For the family, or those seeking a milder river experience (affectionately known as “reluctant rafters”), this trip is ideal!

Starting inside Yoho National Park, experience the “float less travelled”. “Alarm Clock” rapid, shortly after pushing off from shore, is sure to wake you up, and “Hopi Hole” will dowse your wetsuit! Marvel at the stunning Rocky Mountain scenery while your guide tells of the first peoples who came to the area…and what they found.

Age & Weight Restrictions

Because of the whitewater elements, age and weight restrictions do apply . These criteria are standard across all operators on the Kicking Horse River and are strictly adhered to by Wild Water Adventures. Age and weight of all guests are confirmed at the time of booking. Once at the RiverBase, trip leaders can also ask younger guests to step on the scale to ensure the weight requirement is met.

Safety is, after all, our number 1 priority. Guests are encouraged to avoid disappointing their younger children by reserving on the most appropriate trip for their family.

Rafters must be at least 8 years of age AND weigh at least 50 pounds (23kg)

Pricing (Includes 10% Discount)

Youth (ages 8-11):
Cost: $71.10 + taxes and fees

Adult (ages 12 and older):
Cost: $80.10 + taxes and fees

Dates & Departure Times

Trips take place from June 12th, 2021 to September 5th, 2021 with daily morning departures at 8:45AM. Afternoon departures are available on Sunday, Monday and Thursdays at 1:45PM (from July 4th through September 5th).

What To Bring

You need only bring a bathing suit and towel. We provide premium quality wetsuits, wetsuit booties and gloves, polar fleece sweaters, spray jackets, life jackets and helmets. Guests may also be required to bring their own PPE, depending upon current COVID-19 regulations (consult with local health authorities for the latest information and regulations).

How to Book

To book your trip (and get an exclusive 10% discount), contact Baker Creek today.

Call (403) 522-3761 or email